Kenya Tourism Awards(2011)

Best Entertainment Facility

Parklands Shade Hotel
(K1 KubHouse)


We at K1 Klubhouse will coordinate with you and your event plan to help you save time and set up our venue to suit your occasion. You can select a theme for the party and we can build the party venue around it. Depending on the occasion, we can also design the central theme of the party for you, taking ambiance, setting and entertainment into consideration.

We have a variety of venue options within K1 Klubhouse such as Pitcher & Butch bar, Heaven bar, Paradise bar or Soccer City. We can select a venue that match your occasion and entertainment such as live bands, Dj music, games or other source of entertainment.

We may benefit you in the following ways:

  • Annual (end-year) parties
  • Farewell Parties
  • Corporate function
  • Product/brand launch
  • Private parties
  • Get-together parties
  • Surprise parties

Klubhouse staff will ensure that your occasion is unique and successful.